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Many, Many Lists

Apart from Listology here are some partial lists. I like quotes so I collect them. Here is a list of organisations to which I hold personal memberships.

"We Must Have Information" as well as other sources and resources stretching back to the eary days of the web...

Samizdat and Spelt

What is spelt?

Climb on board The Samizdat Express!

Walk with me

You could meet my friends (some personal, some not) or visit the classified pages, and then return to the current pages to read what's new. Please visit The Wenlock Arms for refreshment and The Virtual County of Middx, the environs of this page.

No Frames, Few Images

Frames Suck Most of the Time so we tend avoid them. However, we do have The Colour Section is very graphical, so you may wish to miss it out on your tour. One question is Are the two related? I think we should be told!

Time Line

Timecheck checks your system clock against the military..

Dates to remember

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Gordon Joly Lives Next Door

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